Our fields of expertise :

Progiciel de gestion
Progiciel de gestion

wholesaler, retailers, garages …


Progiciel de gestion



Progiciel de gestion

Audit, expertise


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Service company


Progiciel de gestion

Factory, shopping center


Why Stark ?

Progiciel de gestion
Progiciel de gestion
Progiciel de gestion
Progiciel de gestion
Progiciel de gestion

Best Management Software to Run Your Business

Stark is an ERP that offers purchasing, inventory, sales and human resources management functionalities

Manage your business successfully

Our agile solution offers you decision support tools to automate your business flow management processes

Whatever your activity is, Stark will meet your needs

Stark, a management software package, is based on an architecture that gives you flexibility to adapt it to the specific needs of your business

Are you having trouble ?

Progiciel de gestion

We offer you the best solution


Every business is different, and has its own needs. Stark brings you closer to operational perfection. Find out by yourself which problems will be solved with the Stark management solution

Expertise and listening

We have a unique team to support you throughout your use of Stark

Secure data

Your data is secured in a private cloud hosted by one of the most prestigious centers in the world

An Easy to use platform

Stark’s interfaces are fairly straightforward, allowing its users to quickly adapt it to the business needs and also providing an easy management

Reduced cost and saving time

 Increase efficiency, decrease response times and simplify the daily tasks of your employees

Easy real-time access

Wherever you are, you can access your app and gain more control over all your data

Better visibility and productivity

Mitigate risk, maintain quality and drive performance with full traceability and operations monitoring

Scalable and extensible platform

Whatever your activity, Stark offers you extensive functionalities allowing efficient adaptation to your needs.

Accès facile en temps réel

Ou que vous soyez, vous pouvez accéder à votre application et se bénéficier d’un contrôle accru sur tous vos données

Meilleures visibilité et productivité

Atténuez les risques, maintenir la qualité et stimulez la performance avec une traçabilité complète et une surveillance des opérations

Plateforme évolutive et extensible

Quelque soit votre activité, Stark vous propose des fonctionnalités étendues permettant une adaptation efficace à vos besoins

The best solution

Stark, the best management solution for companies, offers you extensive functionalities dedicated to different activities, allowing adaptation that is both rapid and efficient to meet your specific needs.


Start by choosing the field of activity that suits you and choose a solution that will change your professional life for the better


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With the Stark business management solution, peacefully prepare for your future in complete safety. Stark’s solutions have been designed to integrate the business requirements and constraints of the various activities of your company, thereby facilitating the expansion of your business beyond borders.

Progiciel de gestion

Your solution will be hosted on the best cloud platform


When it comes to your ERP software, you have to be very careful not to lose your investment. Making the wrong decision about customizations, vendors, or methods of implementation could cost you your hard-earned money. Another decision you will need to make is where to host your ERP. While the first business software was expected to be deployed on-premises, companies now have the option of hosting their systems on a number of cloud platforms.



100% secure and GDPR compliant


STARK complies with the General Data Protection Regulation

Progiciel de gestion
Progiciel de gestion
With Stark, we rise to challenges and celebrate victories!
Retain your customers by providing them with excellent quality of service!
Manage, anticipate and enhance your employees with the Stark ERP!