It is well known that “Time is money” is very correct and it comes together in a mathematical equation: productivity = money.

To apply this formula, it is essential for a company to have the right tools to be successful.

So where to start ?

Today in the digital age, the notion of product ownership did not exist as before but rather we want to have access to a service.

In this article, we are going to talk about a powerful solution whose emergence represents one of the most important developments in marketing technology of the last decade.

What are the benefits of these solutions that have led to their success and massive prosperity?

Progiciel de gestion

If you are a business in any industry and want to increase your productivity, read this article and discover the benefits of SAAS solutions.

Rappelons tout d’abord qu’est-ce qu’un logiciel SAAS

SAAS or “software as a service” is a solution hosted on the cloud, accessible remotely with a subscription by the publisher renewable as needed.

SaaS is not a purchased product but rather a service to be used. Unlike traditional on-premises software hosted on the company’s local server, cloud software allows access via any device: laptop, tablet, phone or other. All you need is a connection and a web browser.x

Parmi les fonctionnalités qu’on peut trouver : le CRM, la gestion de ressources humaines, la gestion commerciale, la trésorerie.

Among the functionalities we can find: CRM, human resources management, commercial management, treasury.

The main advantages of SAAS:

A less expensive investment

Since the cloud solution does not need to be installed on the local server, it is already a burden gained by the company with the absence of setup costs as it is a solution pre-configured in advance.

Last but not least, you don’t have to spend a lot of money at the time of purchase, since it’s by subscription.

Better connectivity and speed

With Saas, all tasks are managed in real time with better collaboration with the possibility of remote monitoring.

Data security
Your data is always secure and protected thanks to an internal system in the event of a foreign connection being detected and, above all, accessible by all employees from anywhere..
Facilitates teleworking:
With the current circumstance that we live on covid, face-to-face work is starting to present difficulties for companies.
With SaaS software, you can manage everything yourself for better security and minimum risk.
Benefit from certain type of integrated licenses 
Some areas of function require the acquisition of licenses to facilitate their work.
For example in the automotive sector, garages and spare parts distributors use what is called the tec doc which represents an international catalog of vehicles and spare parts for the rapid search for suitable spare parts. and vehicle identification.

STARK automotive is one of the Saas mode solutions which contains the integrated tec doc license and therefore meets this point. /strong>

Progiciel de gestion

Our STARK software at the service of your business

STARK commercial:
Stock management

Training management
Career Management
Human Resources Management
Recruitment management

STARK automotive
Commercial management (purchase, sale, stocks, cash flow)
Garage module
Integrated tec doc license