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How to manage your garage using software?

Managing a garage is certainly a very complex task in the sense that it requires skills and expertise in the field, but above all you must have the right tools in hand to master the garage environment and meet the needs of customers to retain them.

Progiciel de gestion

If you are a business or an individual mechanic, we advise you to read this article that meets your needs perfectly.

Do you want to develop your garage business? being an experienced auto mechanic is not enough,

But rather you have to manage this garage periodically from A to Z.

Given the digitalization of the world today, the connected garage has become a reality. So concretely what to do? It is absolutely necessary to computerize your mobile garage with a powerful management tool. because the management tool makes it possible to:

  • Retain your customers by following them, especially the most loyal, to reward them.

  • Boost your workshop tickets

  • Increase turnover

So how do you choose this tool?

STARK solutions has developed software dedicated to your activity and which responds to your problems: it is a cloud solution: 100% web-based, which allows you to manage your activity wherever you are.

STARK solutions is an all-in-one commercial management software intended for garages, salespeople and spare parts retailers with several functionalities, namely:

Workshop planning management

Intervention management: vehicle acceptance sheet, list of repairs to be carried out, etc.

The management of auto parts necessary for the intervention (stock)

This is an example of the dashboard of a Stark Solution which gives you a global insight on your activity.

So what do you think ?Want to test  STARK for free ?

Progiciel de gestion
With STARK solution you can:
  • Control the garage: carry out daily follow-ups of activities, customers as well as dashboards to show the evolution to have a global vision in the smallest details.
  • Be fast operationally :rapid creation of quotes and purchase orders
  • Manage planning and interventions at garage level and vehicle states.
  • Benefit from real time savings: avoid stockouts and place your orders
  • Avoiding wasted resources:: Avoiding wasted resources:
  • Make it easier to book appointments: have visibility into your repair schedules
  • Benefit from advanced research of vehicle parts thanks to the integrated tec doc license
A 100% web-based solution, manage your activity wherever you are.

Visit the website and discover the packs, features and prices available:
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